First blog post

I am a naturally quiet person and don’t typically write my thoughts for a public audience. However, maintaining a website in order to give prospective and/or current clients a sense of me and my practice has made me reconsider my comfortable silence.

Pushing the limits of what makes us comfortable, when we can, in safe and supported ways, well isn’t this what therapists ask clients to do in their offices everyday?

Given my burgeoning courage to “try something new,” my hopes for future posts is to collect ideas and topics that clients have found interesting or useful (or more accurately, this therapist’s perception what is interesting or useful) and post them in this blog. I apologize beforehand for the frequency of my posts and my writing. Time is precious and I never seem to have enough of it. But it is my intention which I hope shines through.

Thanks for reading and I hope to provide something worth reading in the future.